Michael Vick is apparently not the only one who wants a starting quarterback named before the veterans arrive at training camp on July 25. According to DeSean Jackson, "the team" also wants Kelly to name a starter.

"I have been hearing some things about Vick saying that he wants to know," Jackson said in an interview with the NFL Network. "At the same time, the team wants to know too. We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback. Whether it is [Nick] Foles or Vick, I think they would both do a great job and we will be ready for the season."

It's wishful thinking, though. Don't expect Kelly to name a starting quarterback anytime soon. Kelly has said he's not in a rush to make a decision, and he wants training camp and the preseason to bolster his evaluation.

Vick and Foles have been splitting first-team reps. Whether one outplayed the other on a particular day, or overall in camp, was based on what one was looking for during practice. Jackson, at least publicly, did not think either had an edge.

"So far, I don't know, it has been kind of even," Jackson said. "Vick and Foles have been switching off first team, second team. So it is the same thing with them."

Early in camp, Jackson also was not on the first team with every play. Still, expect Jackson to be a starter. That will be easier to figure out than the quarterback competition.

"It was no demotion," Jackson said. "He was just trying new things with everybody. Nothing is set in stone for anyobdy. Everybody on the team was able to go through first team, second team, third team. At the end of the day, I am very happy where I am at. I am not worried at the end of the day I am go to [be] out there, put my work in, and do what I need to do to get my starting spot and keep it."

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