GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Kevin Kolb wasn't basking in the win like you might have expected, although the former Eagles quarterback did cop to unique feelings before and after his Cardinals whipped the Birds, 27-6, on Sunday.

"It'll settle in later. Seriously, I'm not lying," said Kolb, who completed 17 of 24 passes for 222 yards and two touchdowns. "I was a little more nervous before the game, I was a little more excited, but not more than what I would have expected before a home game and coming back after the last two games. Maybe later on down the road it will mean more to me."

Kolb has had many lives during his NFL career. He was once the Eagles backup, the heir apparent to Donovan McNabb. He was then the Birds starting quarterback for a brief period before Clay Matthews clobbered him, before Michael Vick played his finest football.

The Eagles then traded Kolb to Arizona and his up and downs continued. He's now up as high as he's ever been with his Cardinals 3-0. There will be some, of course, that will speculate as to what might have been, especially after Vick had another sub-par game.

"They can speculate all they want, too. Decisions are made,"Kolb said. "I never look back in the past. I think all things happen for a reason. Think about the year Mike had whenever I got hurt – a MVP-type season. I'm glad to be here. I know he's glad to be there. Now I can root for the Eagles instead of being on the other side."

Still, Kolb saw the struggles his quarterback counterpart was having on Sunday. Vick fumbled twice. He has eight of the Eagles' 12 turnovers this season. He's still getting hit way too often.

"He's a warrior. He gets banged up out there," Kolb said. "I couldn't help but grimace for him a couple of times. But that's just his style of play.  He knows that. We know that. That's part of it."

Kolb and Vick remain close. They'll forever be linked because of what happened in 2010.

"I told him before the game, not that I'm in any more of a position than he is, but I just told him how proud I was of him as a friend," Kolb said. "Just because it hadn't gone his way and for him to fight back and get those two victories. They're still 2-1. It hadn't come out clean yet, but you're still 2-1 and I think a lot of times when you go through things like that you earn respect.

"Even though things haven't gone perfect here for me I learned that I earned a lot of respect through those hard times. I know Mike's doing the same thing right now in his locker room."