So is it a tough sell to get top executives to relocate to Philadelphia? A couple of the chief executives I've interviewed for the Leadership Agenda said as much.

It's the idea of Philadelphia, not the reality.  Once people get a look, the city and its environs readily sell themselves, the executives told me. But it's the initial pitch that's the problem.

On Friday, Susan Story became chief executive of American Water Works Co. Inc., having moved here from Atlanta and other southern points. A week ago, a new chief financial officer started at the Voorhees-based company. She moved here from California.

"Most people don't move to this region because of the region," Story told me during our Leadership Agenda interview published in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer. "There has to be a compelling reason. That's why it is so  important that there are strong good well-respected companies like American Water. For most people, the draw is going to be the job they are coming to.

But once they come and look and say, `Can my family live here?'  That's second. You can lose somebody because of that.

"All I can do is speak for myself and I'm here," she said.