Earlier this week, SI.com's Peter King got people guessing about who the team is that reportedly has already put a first-round pick on the table for Kevin Kolb.

King wrote that the Eagles were now looking for a team that possessed a higher first-round pick, leading many (including yours truly) to guess that he was probably originally talking about the Seahawks, who have the 25th pick in the first round.

But today, King Tweeted that he's hearing the Seahawks are not the team that put the first-round pick on the table.

A point that I (and several others) have made multiple times is that the Eagles are in great position because there are so many QB-needy teams this offseason. By my count, there are 14. If we take away the Seahawks (per King's Tweet) and the Raiders (who do not have a first-round pick), here are the 12 teams remaining, along with where they pick in the first round:

Panthers (1), Broncos (2), Bills (3), Bengals (4), Cardinals (5), Browns (6), 49ers (7), Titans (8) Redskins (10), Vikings (12), Dolphins (15) and Jaguars (16).

As you can see, nine of the teams that pick in the top 10 could use a quarterback, so it's hard to figure that the Eagles would be looking for a higher pick if they had a top-10 selection on the table, but then agian, you never know.

The Vikings could be the team King's talking about. They pick at No. 12 and have pieces in place where they could probably take a nice leap with the help of a good QB. Minnesota coach Leslie Frazier spoke glowingly about Kolb to reporters, including the Inquirer's Jonathan Tamari, earlier this week.

While it's fun (for me, at least) to try to figure out which team King is talking about, don't be surprised if the team that emerges as Kolb's most aggressive suitor is a surprise. Remember a year ago when no one thought the Eagles would trade Donovan McNabb within the conference, much less the division? Or a couple Augusts ago when the Eagles, with two quarterbacks in place, decided to take a shot on Michael Vick? This is a guarded franchise that has had the tendency to surprise us in recent years.

Some other Kolb links and notes to pass along...

* CBS analyst Rich Gannon told The Sporting News that a team with other pieces in place should take a serious look at Kolb.

"Then you're maybe a little more anxious to pull the trigger on a guy like Kevin Kolb as opposed to rolling the dice with a quarterback in the draft and hoping the guy turns out to be a franchise quarterback," he said.

* The Dolphins have Carson Palmer atop their quarterback wish list, according to Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald. I have to say, I don't really see it. Palmer will turn 32 next season and has thrown 57 interceptions in his last 52 regular-season starts. When the reports about Palmer wanting a trade surfaced, I wrote that I didn't think it wold affect Kolb's value much because teams would prefer Kolb over Palmer. But maybe I was wrong?

* NFL.com's Michael Lombardi thinks the Titans could make a move for Kolb:

The Titans will have to sign a veteran free agent regardless of which round they select a quarterback. Tennessee is another team that might have to make a call to Washington to check on the asking price for McNabb, as well as a team that might be in constant dialogue with the Eagles concerning Kolb.

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