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Moroccan Stew (take 1)

Ok Ok Ok Momma, do not kill me, but I might have gone overboard with the cayenne pepper again. I honestly blame you- the measuring spoons you bought me don't have 1/4 teaspoon therefore I always add 1/2 teaspoon!! (Hint
Hint: Christmas is around the corner!!)

That being said, I will remake this recipe because it was so easy and would have been soooo delicious if it wasn't SO spicy I literally felt like my mouth was on fire while eating it..oops!

Anyway, you absolutely 100% should try this recipe. I bought pre-cut butternut squash from Trader Joes, an onion, 4 carrots, 1 lemon, a 12 oz can of diced tomatoes, and fresh cilantro. This meal literally cost me $8.12. (Now, to be fair, I had the garlic, the quinoa, and all of the spices in my kitchen. But if you need spices, Trader Joes are the cheapest I've found just FYI). Also we did have Hungarian paprika in my spice cabinet but I am sure regular paprika would be A-OK too? Right, Mother dearest?

So if you thought the ratatouille was easy, this is even easier! I did have help from my lovely roomies, Sara chopped up the onion and 3 cloves of garlic and Kat peeled and chopped the carrots, but still very very easy dish! I used a normal sauce pan, added the olive oil, let it heat up briefly and then added the onions. Sautéed for about 5 min and then added the garlic, paprika, salt, black pepper, coriander, cumin, ginger and cayenne pepper! (Next time I make it I will add the cayenne first only ¼ teaspoon, instead of the 1/2 teaspoon I added. Oh well... live and learn right?) I mixed all of that together and added water, the entire can of tomatoes and lemon juice. I left it uncovered and let it come to a boil on medium heat. Once boiling I added the carrots and squash, stirred briefly until it was mixed nicely, covered the pot and let simmer for 20 min.

Once that was cooking away, I got started on the quinoa. I didn't use any butter. Just added 1 1/2 cups of water and 1 cup of quinoa and once the water came to a boil, I let it cook for 15 min (until the water was all incorporated into the quinoa). AND THAT IS IT!!!

This was enough food for 4 of us to have dinner and then lunch for 2 days!! Although, a bit too spicy, still very delicious!!