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Just for the Halibut...

Growing up, much to my brothers frustration (because they were always requesting red meat), my momma cooked a lot of fish— I felt like we'd been doing a lot of veggie meals and I wanted a good source of lean protein. She suggested this recipe—growing up we always ate it with Tilapia but trying to be sustainable she suggested I use Halibut. When I got to Whole Foods, I about fell over $9.99 per 6oz of Halibut, I decided I could only afford two (even though the recipe calls for 4 pieces). As a result I ended up cutting the recipe in half. On the plus side, this meant lots of left over white wine for my roommates and me to drink with dinner.

I got home and got straight to work, preheated the oven to 400, and sliced up the lemon. Next, I washed the veggies and started slicing and dicing away. Peeled and chopped the carrots, sliced the red pepper into long strips, and chopped up the zucchini. Then added the white wine and all the herbs into a big mixing bowl (I didn't have any fresh herbs so I just used 1 teaspoon dried instead of 1 tablespoon fresh and it was still delicious). I tossed everything together and added some salt and black pepper. Next, I got the tin foil ready on the baking sheet—then added the veggies to the tin foil, next laid the fish on top, then the lemon slices, then 1 tablespoon of butter at the top. It was truly beautiful if I may say so myself (and Nicko documented it very well). The recipe then says: Fold over paper or foil to form an envelope. Begin in one corner folding over to seal the halibut. I did exactly that to the best of my ability, put it in the oven and let it cook for 20 min. After 20 min, went to check on the fish and it needed about 10 more (I now realize 20 min was for Tilapia and this halibut was a much thicker fish). Fish was flaky and lemony and delicious. I served over quinoa but you could do rice as well.