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My Daughter's Kitchen
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"Are you sure there isn’t any meat in there?”

We started the session once again with all the girls saying they weren't going to like today's dish – Leylah Robinson said "I don't like pasta" and Lee'Asia Ortiz said "I don't like mushrooms, I won't even touch one".   When Hafsa McNeely found out there was milk in the recipe she said "I don't like milk in pasta?  Can we use chocolate milk or strawberry milk?"

We did all of our dicing and chopping and even got Lee'Asia to touch a mushroom when she was cutting it.   All the girls were amazed at what a mushroom looks like on the inside.    Once the sauce was on the stovetop simmering Lee'Asia said "this smells really good" and Hafsa McNeely said "are you sure there isn't any meat in there?"

The girls were still hesitant to try the sauce once it was on the pasta but they all decided to take a bite at the same time.   After the first bite we heard some "mmmm's" followed by Hafsa McNeely saying "this is really good and I don't even taste the milk" and Leylah Robinson saying "this is my second favorite dish we've made so far".  They were all pleasantly surprised how good the sauce tasted.   Plus, the bonus was they all loved the green salad with the lemon vinaigrette.

-- Dana Srodes