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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Cauliflower rice 'tastes like Chinese food'

Students at Wissahickon Charter School know their way around the kitchen!

From chopping garlic and ginger to slicing lemons for our pitchers of lemon water, they are enthusiastic chefs. Several of the kids had eaten cauliflower before, but not when it was grated to look like rice.

We took turns cracking an egg directly into the hot frying pan, and quickly breaking the yolk with a wooden spoon. Then the girls stirred and cooked the mixed spices, veggies,scrambled eggs and riced cauliflower in the full frying pan. Israel McKinley commented that "the rice was amazing. It tastes like Chinese food."  The marinated cucumber salad was a big hit too, with Samir Johnson writing, "the cucumber salad was good to me. I actually kinda enjoyed it." There were no leftovers this week! ​