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Confident chefs take control as they prepare mushroom Bolognese

Our team of intrepid chefs struggled to pronounce "bolognese", but had no trouble articulating how they felt about the meal…."The best meal so far. I love the lemony taste of the salad dressing too", exclaimed Ijanay Baker.  "Delicious! The sauce soaks into the noodles, said Nadya Davis. These kids took control from start to finish, confidently chopping, grating, sautéing and deciding if the noodles were "al dente" or not (now they know what that term means).  Their kitchen skills have come a long way in 6 weeks. They also love calling out "HOT CORNER" when they are bringing a hot pan from stove, around the corner, to kitchen. Safety first!

 -- Jill Kaiserman, Katie Rhodes