This week our student chefs explored using mushrooms in a dish that traditionally uses ground beef.  While making the dish the students noticed how easily the dish comes together once the ingredients are prepared.  As the students shared the preparation duties they realized that the yellow onion made their eyes water much more than the sweet onions we have been using so far this season.  After it was done being chopped Karen Godinez and Adelin Perez put it in a bowl and took it away from the table so they could work without tearing up.  Arianna Bacci had an easier time cutting the onions because she was wearing glasses, so she took her glasses off and realized what the others were talking about.

As we tasted the dish half the students loved the mushrooms while the other half decided they would replace the mushrooms with something else when they made the dish at home.  Some suggestions for replacements were peppers, ground turkey, or chicken.  Jasir Rosa loved the whole wheat pasta, and really liked the side salad noting it was both tangy and sweet.  Adelin Perez loved the tomatoes in the red sauce, and ate around some of the other veggies with the pasta.  Briannalyss Santiago loved the mushrooms in the sauce and finished her whole bowl before putting some away to bring home.  Karen Godinez enjoyed the sauce and noted that she would use a sweet onion when preparing so her eyes wouldn't burn the next time.  Arianna Bacci enjoyed this dish, and made the connection that her family is Italian and prepares their red sauce in a similar way.