Lots had to happen within the 2 hours of our last MDK class to be ready for the finale of the term—the graduation dinner.  To celebrate, we invited family and friends to join us for a dinner of salmon cakes and baked sweet potato wedges with a dessert of banana zucchini muffins.  The chosen recipes had to be adjusted in quantity to cover the numbers of diners so our young chefs got to use their math as well as cooking skills.   In addition to preparing the menu, tables were set with centerpieces of fresh flowers and plans were made for the plating and serving of the meal.   The evening began with the awarding of certificates of completion and gift bags of cooking tools for the graduates.   Everyone who attended greatly enjoyed dinner and a good number of guests asked for second servings of the salmon cakes and sweet potato wedges.  Several parents asked for the recipes for these dishes and a number commented on how they look forward to having a new chef at home to cook delicious, healthy meals like the evening’s menu.   Everyone agreed that the dinner was a successful finish to an outstanding cooking series!