Our five junior chefs were excited for this week’s menu—“smashed potatoes” and dessert! A few students were unsure of the dessert, especially after sampling the cranberries.  “It’ll be good,” said McKhai Delts. “I made it for my family for Thanksgiving.”  McKhai and Kealah Glover got started on the dessert recipe, Brie’l Smith took charge of the smashed potatoes  and Ahz’mirah Polanco and Ignacio Garcia were in charge of the meatloaf—a job Ahz’mirah loved because she could use her hands to mix, and shape the two loaves. “I can’t believe we are using ketchup!” said Ignacio, glazing the loaves before everything went into the oven. While dishes were being done and the table was being set, the kitchen filled with the great smells from the oven. We sat down to eat, and the meal got rave reviews, except Brie’l would have liked the meatloaf more “without all the carrots.” McKhai and Ignacio declared themselves “the kings of meatloaf” and the “princes of potatoes.”