After reviewing the ingredients for the Lentil Soup, everyone but Julia Bieneman agreed that they didn’t like lentils. She even listed Lentil Soup as her favorite soup. Tasting the uncooked lentils didn’t change our minds. So, we began peeling, chopping and putting the soup together. Rosayah Greer and Julia  were very happy with their Waldorf Salad, so at least we had something to eat. Once the soup thickened, it looked better. What a surprise we all had when we tasted the soup. It was delicious! The salad went well with it, too. We were reminded by Ciara German again that “you can’t judge a book by its cover”.  The lentils tasted entirely different when the soup was blended and well-cooked. Everyone went home with soup, salad and big smiles.