We had a very exciting week as we had a special guest, Marc Vetri  join us to make Spicy Broccoli Pasta.  Marc jumped right in the minute he arrived and joined us in cutting up the broccoli heads, chopping the red pepper and telling us a bit about the ricotta cheese, something that we were not that familiar with. It was a lot of fun the share the preparation and cooking with such an accomplished chef.  We secretly hope he comes back again and makes us PIZZA!!!!
As usual we divided up the many chores, Le-Nya Elliot was our cheese grater while Carmelo Whitehead carefully cut our broccoli into bite sized pieces.  Instead of using a knife Marc suggested that simply tearing the pieces made it easier and more bite size.  While some of the kids worked on the vegetables some of us readied the boiling water and heated the oven to roast the vegetables. We always add flowers to our table and Sanai Bridgeman and Tayonna Taylor made sure the two arrangements looked perfect on our table.
Before we knew it the whole wheat pasta was cooked and our vegetables were roasted and it was time for Trinity Torain and Kya Cuff to join all the flavors together in a big serving bowl.  One of the most surprising flavors that came through according to Carmelo was the lemon zest!  He thought it added to the freshness of the taste.
The meal was a big hit and we thanked Marc for serving us all as we sat at the table.  We commented on how healthy our meal was and Le-Nya said that while fixing the dish she felt like a very creative cook.  We also talked about what other vegetables we could add in the future.The dish was enjoyed by all
and we agreed that it would be fun to make at home for our families!