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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Mushroom Bolognese not pleasing to these palates

At first there was a lot of excitement with all the chopping, grating and sauteing of the veggies and herbs. The aromas were incredibly intoxicating and made our small kitchen feel warm and cozy.

The tomatoes and tomato paste along with the milk was added and that's when the skepticism began to arise. We boiled the pasta and plated it and topped it off with the beautiful mushroom sauce which really resembled a meat sauce. The kids were excited, unfortunately it didn't seem to please their palate. Many had never eaten mushrooms before and they decided quite quickly it wasn't for them. They did love the cheese we sprinkled on top.

The freshness of the lemon dressed salad definitely was a hit and the kids did give the sauce a really good try. It was a great new taste for them to experience.

Michele Taplinger & Lauren Molish