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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Students divide up prep of mushroom Bolognese and salad with lemon vinaigrette

By now, the Junior chefs knew exactly how to get started.   Most went directly to the cooking cabinet to pull out the necessary supplies.  Joseph Moll went directly to the kitchen, sensing the opportunity to explore the ingredients without being intercepted by fellow chefs!  He quickly had decided what he was going to be in charge of chopping, onions, mushrooms, and walnuts (based on previous chopping experience…) and left the rest for the team to divide up.  They rose to the occasion and quickly divided the rest of the ingredients.  Paullina Ruiz, the resident fresh veggie sampler, bravely tasted a mushroom and gave a thumbs up!  Matthew Schiedler, took over the job of chopping the garlic.   Fadila Sibay took control of the salad dressing, assigning the job of juicing the lemon to Matthew, who had brought a little juicer from home (he remembered from last week the challenge of squeezing the lime!).   Tiara Harris, who has proved herself to tie up loose ends (unfinished tasks!) made sure everything was on track.  Every week, the miniature chefs show improvement with their cooking skills!  The chefs were divided about whether this recipe would make the final cut to be included in the family celebration.

-- Lorrie Craley and Cindy O'Donnell