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Students show their strengths making stir-fry and carrot cake muffins

As the mini-chefs read the recipes, they were just a bit concerned about the steps in the recipes.  They looked a little complicated!  But they quickly realized that at this point, they have the skills to conquer any recipe!  It was decided that they needed two separate areas, one for the baking, and one for the stir-fry.  Fadila Sibay offered to take charge of the stir-fry sauce.  She knew her talent by now-measuring!  Joseph Moll quickly offered to be head chopper, based on his ability to not injure himself with the sharp knives.  Paullina Ruiz took over the job of sampling the ingredients, and helping each chef complete their task, assisting Tiara Harris who had quite a job managing the baking area!  Matthew Scheidler was in charge of the preparation of ingredients for the Carrot Cake.  Lots of fresh carrots to grate!

Finally, the meal was taking shape and looking good!  It all smelled delicious and looked even better.  For most of the chefs, the quinoa was a never before tasted adventure.  They loved it!  The delicious Carrot Cake made for a perfect, healthy treat to a delicious meal!  No leftovers at all!

 -- Cindy O'Donnell, Lorrie Craley