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My Daughter's Kitchen
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The report from the kids is in: Better than fast food

Community Partnership

Who knew two family favorite foods could taste so good and be so healthy? We took a fried chicken wing recipe and flipped it upside down. Three simple ingredients. Honey, mustard, and lemon juice. End results - delicious! Brianna said it best: "Baked is better than fried." For the veggies, again we avoided frying, cut the potatoes and carrots just like a French fry, used paprika and a pinch of salt and pepper, and tossed with olive oil, a healthy monounsaturated fat. Fast-food fries have their competition! Everyone loved them.

- Amy Steinberg, Katie Rhodes

Russell Byers

"It's like a chicken massage," said Soonae Shuler as she worked the honey mustard marinade into the wings in the large zipper-locking bag. Gianna Rosado noted that the chicken felt slimy. Enthusiasm for these recipes was overflowing as the girls just love chicken wings and fries, and they totally embraced the concept of this healthy preparation of one of their favorite meals. Bethany Swan remarked, "I hope these fries taste better than what I get from McDonalds." Every wing and veggie strip was consumed with sounds of pure delight.

- Cindy Rappoport

Wissahickon Charter Fernhill Campus

No one had eaten parsnips before, yet everyone loved their "sweet" taste. Hadif Tillery not only took a second helping of parsnips, but declared he would make a whole batch of "just parsnip oven fries" at home. Everyone loved their first helping of wings so much that they carefully counted how many remained to make sure each person got their fair share of seconds. Fast-food wings don't hold a candle to My Daughter's Kitchen finger-licking good chicken wings!

- Kristin Stitz, Brenda Waber

Wissahickon Charter School, Awbury

The biggest challenge for this meal, we explained to our students, was cutting the chicken wings. On Zholie Fashina-Lawrence's first attempt, a little blood squirted out of the flesh. "Eww!" she said, but bravely persisted. After she tasted the completed dish, Zholie said it was worth it!

- Lisa Krader, Linda Todoro

St. Martin of Tours

Sean Sulaiman was ready. He had been waiting for this all day. With Kaylee Lafty and Sara Hatter, he started washing and chopping the parsnips, potatoes, and carrots. When asked if she liked the meal, Alyah Figueroa replied: "I don't like it. I love it!" Kaylee loved the vegetables and thought they would be an easy after-school snack. Kevin could not believe he was eating a carrot. "Wait, this is a carrot?" he inquired. After dinner, we were pleasantly surprised that all the vegetables were gone. - Beth Stack, Frank Petrillo

Urban Promise

The students were reminded that before getting busy with a recipe, you set up the work area, left to right, for the job ahead. The rule had to be reinforced when vegetable peels started flying and ingredients were vigorously whisked into marinades. The students learned two new cooking terms to write in their notebooks - marinate and caramelize - while the chicken and vegetables soaked and then were baked until crisp. "So this chicken will turn brown and not stay yellow?" asked Myia Dargan, 10, eyeing the chicken pieces through the oven window until they were cooked through.

- Amy Falkenstein, Maureen Dodson

La Salle Academy

The children were so excited when they heard we were making chicken wings, and then a little skeptical when they realized they were honey mustard - a taste they weren't familiar with on their wings. The end result was a hit - Madisyn Rae Cook enjoyed the smell and sizzle of the wings when they came out of the oven. Erin Kelso liked the potato/carrot/parsnip strips because they came out crispy like French fries.

- Maureen Barrett, Mariann Owens

Lawton Elementary

We agreed to taste the wings and not share our opinions until everyone could decide for themselves. It was "thumbs up" all around! "Really delicious," Georgeyana Martinez said. "I am going to try to do it at home."

"So, so, so, so good," said Gianni Chacon. When they learned there was no class due to spring break next week, the disappointment was audible. "Noooo!" These students would rather have cooking class than spring break!

- Maddy Booth, Michael Strauss, Toni Campagna

William Loesche

This week was a winner! The baked potato, carrot, and parsnip strips were loved by all. "These potatoes are way better than ones you buy at the store!" said Krina Patel. They even used the honey mustard sauce on them. With two vegetarians (twins), there were plenty of wings to eat and to take some home. "I'm going to make these with my mom," shouted Joel Muniz.

- Susan Munafo, Jane Pupis