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'This soup is inspiring!'

The confident chefs at Wissahickon Charter School jumped right in - Ray Davies diced an onion and Samir Johnson sliced a green pepper. At the very large, very hot stove, Jordan Dease and Izzy McKinley supervised  sauteing chicken thighs and turning them with a big spatula. The students observed (and tasted) chicken broth straight from the box and then were amazing how it changed color and became much more flavorful as the soup cooked. Destiny Swain Williams did a great job combining the spice mixture for the soup  - and reading aloud the label on a jar of adobo so everyone could learn what it was made of.  Samir and others went back for seconds of soup and by the end not a drop was left! Ray said that although he usually doesn't like beans, "the chicken is so good, this soup is inspiring!"