The chefs were dressed and ready to cook on Halloween week. All the gals like Chinese food and were very excited to make the Asian inspired beef stir fry. After reading through the recipe, they were anxious to get started. Angel got to work prepping the beans while Deanna got to work slicing the red peppers. All three gals learned how to slice the steak thinly and made sure the veggies were cut into similar size pieces. They were a little concerned that there was not enough meat, but we discussed that the veggies and quinoa would make a filling meal for six people. Once the ingredients for the stir fry were ready, they started the quinoa. All were skeptical that they would like it, but said they would try it. The stir fry was quick and easy to prepare, so it was ready when the quinoa was done. One bite and all were gushing about how much they liked the stir fry flavors. All tried the quinoa and thought it was pretty good. Seconds were had and the leftovers carefully wrapped to take home and share with their families.