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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Cabbage Slaw with vinaigrette better than slaw with mayonnaise dressing

Stuffed pepper and cole slaw were on this week's menu. No one had ever eaten stuffed peppers but everyone was enthusiastic about the prep.  Knife skills have really improved. Nahmir Fleming diced onion like a pro, and the cilantro was chopped in minutes by Sabria Reid.

Sabria Reid stir fried the turkey stuffing and each student stuffed their own green pepper.

While the peppers were in the oven, the team made the dressing and the slaw, set the table and started clean-up.  We talked about mise en place,  adjusting ingredients for smaller and larger meals, and figured out the cost per person of today's feast.  Troy Kendrick rejected the black beans in the filling, but all the other chefs said the beans were their favorite.  None of the students seemed to like the peppers but enjoyed the turkey filling.

This was the second week for a cabbage slaw.  Most preferred the second version which had carrots and a non-mayonnaise dressing.

Sally Barron, Joy Bannett