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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Combining rich flavors, balancing acidic with sweet

"It was the best soup that I ever had," wrote Sophia Malinski with regards to the lentil soup that was devoured by 4 of the 5 student chefs and one volunteer coordinator. At the outset of the class, only one student had admitted that she had tried lentils before. But the simple ingredient list allowed the rich flavor to shine. The complementary Waldorf Salad was also appreciated by the students, who noticed the "juiciness and crunch"that the ingredients brought to the salad. The lemons that we used were large and full of juice. The other carefully measured ingredients of the dressing produced one that was tart and acidic, most agreed that a little more sweetness,in the form of sugar or honey,would help round it out.

Glenn Petrucci, Jim Zaccario