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From disaster to delicious

After having only 2 of our students last week on Halloween, today the full complement of students were on hand to prepare stuffed peppers with cabbage slaw.

The girls got right to work washing and seeding the peppers. Natajah and Kayshla worked well together as they sliced and seeded. Shaline, Elimara and Rebekah took care of cooking the turkey, dicing the onion and stemming the cilantro.

One little disaster - as Rebekah was juicing a lime, the bowl flipped and most of the lime juice ended up on the floor. We made the most of what we had and to Rebekah's delight, our lime Dijon vinaigrette turned out just fine! From disaster to delicious!

The slaw came together and marinated in the refrigerator. The peppers were baking in the oven and we set the table and discussed the preparations that had been done and what the girls were looking forward to with our meal.

After our meal the girls had their final observations -

Kayshla thought the peppers were a bit spicy and juicy.

Shaline and Natajah didn't love the actual pepper, but thought the meat, beans and cheese were delicious! Natajah tried the slaw, however one bite was enough for her.

Rebekah overcame the lime accident and enjoyed her meal!

Elimara was very wary about the idea of stuffed peppers and told us that she really wasn't "feeling it", but she enjoyed every bite and said it was like heaven in her mouth. High praise!

Overall a cooking success that the girls said they would definitely enjoy making for their families.