Who doesn’t like soup?  The mini-chefs are “souper” excited about this recipe.  They love carrots.  They love celery.  Hmmmm.  What’s that dried bean doing in this recipe?  Yikes! Matt Scheidler expressed concern.  “They smell like lima beans.”  As experienced chefs and taste testers, they decided to have faith.  “It’ll probably turn out really good!” said Joseph Moll.  Fadila Sibay had more confidence in the salad.  Paullina Ruiz happily sampled everything to make sure it was good.  “It’s all good!” she said with a thumbs up!  Tiara Harris enjoyed chopping the veggies.  “I’m getting pretty good at chopping celery,” she happily stated. As they feasted, all were in agreement that both were amazingly tasty.  Joseph insisted on adding, “This salad is awesome!” 

-- Cindy O'Donnell and Lorrie Craley