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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Lots of questions while making "perfect" stuffed peppers

The students were told that, when shopping, there are lots of choices you can make. If a recipe calls for peppers, you can buy them in a variety of colors, types, shapes, and sizes. Look for the best price (we brought in red peppers, since they were less expensive this week and looked prettier).

I explained that carrots grow out of the ground and just the green tops stick out. It's underneath the soil that the vegetable grows. "That looks like a REAL vegetable!" said  Laayla Smith. Vegetables that come in bags and are pre-cut are still "real" but are not as fresh, more expensive, and don't taste nearly as good. Janiyah Green thought the one she peeled tasted like sugar. And, it hardly takes any time to peel and cut a carrot!

Lots of questions were asked when we read the recipe. "How come we have to put water in the pan with the peppers?" Asked India McLeod. Because it causes steam, and that makes food cook quicker, and more evenly. "Why do we put cheese on top and inside the peppers?" wondered Radiant Magnetic. The cheese on top melts, and becomes a sort of "lid" for the peppers. This allows the insides to cook quicker, too. Radiant Magnetic thought the stuffed peppers were "perfect."