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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Students discuss what goes into making a glaze

Salmon and steamed vegetables were an amazing hit. All of the girls had tried salmon before except for Lauriely Vangas. Once she tried, Lauriely loved it! We continue to be impressed by the girls positive attitude and awesome cooking skills. Laurel and Izabella Gonzalez took the lead on broccoli chopping. Raquelle Isaac took on glazing responsibilities. She noted that the balsamic vinegar smelled a little bit like wine. We thought that was a great insight and discussed that balsamic vinegar is made from grapes and that vinegar and wine are made using a similar process. Samira Espinosa and Paulette Villegas were in charge of the carrot slicing and dicing. We all took turns glazing the salmon and the vegetables.

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Yale E. Cohen, Ph.D.