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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Two delicious, belly-filling meals

From the moment we walked into the kitchen we were moving to get double the food prepped, cooked and cleaned up. We were forced to cancel the previous weeks fish tacos and sweet potato fries after having purchased all of the ingredients due to unforeseen circumstances. We decided we would prepare and eat both meals in the same time we normally do one meal. Wow, that was chaotic and stressful! We divided our group of boys, in order to double team this momentous task. Elijah, Zymir, and Felipe worked on the fish tacos and sweet potatoes with Ms. Rady and Simir and Alexavier tackled the stuffed peppers and slaw with Ms. Piotrowicz. A vast amount of chopping, slicing, and measuring ensued. At the end we had two delicious meals and full bellies. The boys did have some let overs to take home to enjoy later that evening or share with family. The kids learned that raw sweet potatoes are unbelievably difficult to cut with a rather dull knife. They managed it but not before several near misses with the knife. Both main dishes were a huge hit, as were the sweet potato fries. There was a spice in the second slaw that was not universally appealing. Over all the week was a huge, delicious success.