94.1 WIP's Josh Innes apologized to listeners after critics slammed the afternoon radio host for using a racial epithet to describe Eagles center Jason Kelce.

"I'm the dumbest human being on the planet," Innes said, noting his intention was not to offend anybody. "I apologize for that, I truly do. I'm an idiot."

Innes, who has criticized Kelce in the past for being overly loyal to the coaching staff, noted to co-host Hollis Thomas that the Eagles' center had shown up early to a press conference introducing new head coach Doug Pederson.

Telling Thomas he had watched "Malcom X" while waiting in the airport in Memphis, Innes described Kelce, who is white, with a pejorative term used to compare an African-American to a house slave.

"That's essentially Jason Kelce's job: 'Yessir. Yes, boss. Absolutely, boss. Yes, sir boss,'" Innes said. "That is Jason Kelce -- he is, whoever the head coach is gonna be, he's gonna be all over that head coach."

The audio, first posted on Crossing Broad, quickly made the rounds online, where critics criticized the host for what they referred to as his insensitive description of Kelce.

"Kelce is white. This is probably the least serious problem with Innes' analogy," wrote Deadspin's Samer Kalaf.

"Speaking extemporaneously on live radio or television can be quite difficult, but this was a pretty bizarre (and in my opinion inappropriate) comparison for Innes to make" was how The Big Lead's Ryan Glasspiegel described the comments.

One Philadelphia radio executive told me off the record they'd be surprised if Innes survives on air after making such offensive comments.

Some were just confused by the joke Innes tried to make at Kelce's expense.

"It's my job to have my teammates and coaches back, no matter what," Kelce said on Twitter. "I believe this is a basic principal of team camaraderie and loyalty."

"I see people are making fun of me across the country, and you should be, because I'm stupid," Innes said.

Listen to his full apology: