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Have the Phils proven anything yet?

Blogs are super. I don't know how people killed time before Al Gore invented them. They probably read books or something. Ha - books.

U.S. Airways Flight 1472 has been delayed. This is significant because I'm supposed to be on U.S. Airways Flight 1472. Instead, I'm sitting in the terminal next to Ryan Lawrence of the Delaware County Times, who is wearing glasses instead of contacts and playing with his iPhone. I don't know why people are so fascinated with iPhones. They stare at the internet all day at work, but just because Steve Jobs figured out a way to put the internet in a small box that rotates when you flip it, they'll stare at it some more.

I don't know if any of the Phillies have an iPhone, but if they did, they could log on to and look at their schedule over the next month and a half and realize that it's quite a doozy.

Not to take anything away from their current wave of success - in case you missed it, yesterday's 5-0 win over the Reds pushed them back to 10 games over .500 - but with 40 of their next 43 games against teams with winning records, they'll get a chance to prove once and for all the level of their realness.

Particularly interesting will be the next six series, all of which come against teams are in either leading their divisions or within 3.5 games of the lead. Atlanta and Flroida, of course, are right behind the Phillies in the National League East. St. Louis is 10 games over .500 and in second place in the Central. The Red Sox are leading the AL East, the Angels are leading the AL West, and Oakland is in second place in the AL West.


Any thoughts on the Phillies draft?

Everyone thinks they've had a great one, much in the same way everyone thinks their child is beautiful when it is first born.

At No. 24, the Philllies grabbed short stop Anthony Hewitt of the Salisbury School. Sounds like the organization will try to convert him to third base. He's got a scholarship to Vanderbilt, but as Eddie Barkowitz writes, Hewitt wants to get his professional career started. Hewitt was No. 41 on Baseball America's list of its top 200 prospects heading into the draft.

In his analysis of the draft, ESPN's Keith Law labels Hewitt a "high-risk, potentially high reward" player who projects as a middle of the order hitter. Law says he thinks Hewitt will end up in the outfield, but the Phils will try him at third base. From the sound of it, he has all the tools, but doesn't has a tremendous amount of polish. Law estimates that he is four to six years away from the big leagues.

Here's our draft coverage from Mr. Barkowitz


Cole Hamels appears to be back to form.