While some of Larry Platt's former Philadelphia magazine employees told us Friday they were surprised his ill-mannered jesting, tackling people in the hallways, and other un-bosslike behavior didn't lead to his ouster sooner, the former editor celebrated his Philly mag career and his future over dinner at Franco's Osteria (3900 City Ave.).

With him were his spouse, Bet, and pals Charles Barkley and Fred Lavner, of RetroPhilly.com, their wives Maureen and Elyse, and the Lavners' son Richie.

Platt, who oversaw the mag for eight years, and its parent company, Metrocorp, both announced Friday that he resigned. We reported Friday on PhillyGossip.com and in Saturday's Daily News that sources said the decision was made by Metrocorp not to renew Platt's contract, which was up in August, and based more on his antics and methods as a boss and less for his editorial judgment.

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