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Philly Theater world sends out yearly Happy Holiday video

A motherlode of talent keeps the Philadelphia theater world lively and vibrant. I'm reminded of that by the annual "Happy Holidays" video that world sends us every year. There are a ton of Barrymore Awards and other honors in this crowd, who lock arms and sway among the seats at Plays & Players Theatre in a singalong rendition of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)." If you've gone to any theater in this town at all this year, you will recognize faces and perhaps even voices. Right away I spotted favorites Jennifer Childs of 1812 Productions (The CarolsI Will Not Go Gently) and actor/writer James iJames (Abandon; Kill Move Paradise) of, among many other things, the artistic braintrust Orbiter 3. The musicians are Charlie DelMarcelle (Funnyman; The Jungle Book) on harmonica, Christopher Colucci (Of Mice and Men; The Whipping Man) on guitar and bass, and T.J. Harris (The Carols) on keyboards. Happy holidays, indeed!:

Happy Holidays from Philadelphia Theatre from Philly Holiday Video on Vimeo.