IRVING, Texas - The Dallas Cowboys face an unfamiliar division opponent. The Eagles are not the same team they were for 14 years under Andy Reid.

The Cowboys are playing catch-up.

They spent a big chunk of the offseason dissecting Chip Kelly's schemes at Oregon. They spent part of last week watching tapes of the Eagles' first five games, according to quarterback Tony Romo.

"You have seen them play six games," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday. "You have seen an offensive scheme. You have seen a defensive scheme. You have seen what they are trying to accomplish on special teams. It's a little bit different because we haven't seen this stuff for years and years and years, so there is a little bit of that.

"It is a little different. Typically, you would know your division opponents a little bit more. It feels a little more like another kind of game, a conference game or a game with an AFC team."

Sunday's 31-16 victory over the Redskins assured the Cowboys a winning record at home in the division for the first time since 2009, which not so coincidentally was the Cowboys' last playoff appearance.

The Cowboys' last road win came in Cincinnati on Dec. 9. They sport a 0-2 road record this season, losing at Kansas City and at San Diego.

"It's very important to win on the road and string some wins together," Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr said. "You want to win at home, but the good teams have to go on the road and pull out some of these games.

"It would be good for us to take some momentum and continue on. I have a feeling once we get hot, we are going to be something to deal with around here."

The Cowboys are expected to be without running back DeMarco Murray and defensive end DeMarcus Ware. Murray sprained his left knee, and Ware strained his right quadriceps on Sunday.

They already are playing without defensive tackle Jay Ratliff and defensive end Anthony Spencer.