Justine McDaniel is a reporter on the policy and solutions team, writing about topics including gun control, water contamination, and distracted driving.

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A dozen homes in Bucks County are confronting their own water contaminant crisis. And not because of military bases.

In a corner of Bucks County, a dozen homeowners with PFAS contamination are in a different situation than their fellow Bucks and Montgomery County residents — and they're still on bottled water.

Jodi Cutaiar

Jodi Cutaiar

Jodi Cutaiar, a Sellersville resident whose drinking water is contaminated with PFAS.

Threatening veto of spending bill, White House opposes two PFAS cleanup measures

The Trump administration objected to PFAS-related items in the House defense spending bill, along with a list of other disagreements, including over provisions that would impede Trump’s efforts to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Does new Pa. law ban arming teachers? Depends on whom you ask.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed a law this week that he said clarifies who can carry guns in schools. But some advocates say it's dangerously vague.

Cleanup at South Philly refinery must tackle decades of chemicals

Improved air quality will come quickly after the refinery in South Philadelphia closes. The rest of the cleanup? Not so fast.

With tainted water and no end in sight, this Bucks neighborhood has lived life with bottled water for three years

After PFAS chemicals contaminated their private wells, these Bucks County homeowners thought the government would hook them up to public water. But the Navy, which caused PFAS contamination in nearby towns, has denied responsibility, and the residents have been left in limbo.

N.J. sues gun company over online sales that violate new law

New Jersey, which has tougher gun laws than its neighbors, aims to send a message by filing another lawsuit against a gun seller that it claims violated state law by selling to the state's residents.

Lew Klein, Philly TV pioneer and Temple icon behind ‘American Bandstand’ and Captain Noah, dies at 91

“Generations down the road will be — unaware or aware — affected because of the impact Lew Klein had on all of us,” said ESPN sports anchor Kevin Negandhi, a 1997 Temple graduate.

After tests showed PFAS chemicals in food, FDA says it’s fine

PFAS were found in food samples from areas near known sources of PFAS contamination, but the FDA doubled down Tuesday on its assertion that the tests were nothing to worry about.

Modern milkman: N.J. company offers delivery and pickup of no-waste household supplies and groceries

With global attention on the problem of plastic, a New Jersey-based company is making old-school new again with Loop, a sustainable delivery service — and hoping it can revolutionize how consumers deal with waste across the globe.