Justine McDaniel is a reporter on the policy and solutions team, writing about topics including gun control, water contamination, and distracted driving.

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Lew Klein, Philly TV pioneer and Temple icon behind ‘American Bandstand’ and Captain Noah, dies at 91

“Generations down the road will be — unaware or aware — affected because of the impact Lew Klein had on all of us,” said ESPN sports anchor Kevin Negandhi, a 1997 Temple graduate.

After tests showed PFAS chemicals in food, FDA says it’s fine

PFAS were found in food samples from areas near known sources of PFAS contamination, but the FDA doubled down Tuesday on its assertion that the tests were nothing to worry about.

Modern milkman: N.J. company offers delivery and pickup of no-waste household supplies and groceries

With global attention on the problem of plastic, a New Jersey-based company is making old-school new again with Loop, a sustainable delivery service — and hoping it can revolutionize how consumers deal with waste across the globe.

Chemicals that tainted Bucks, Montco drinking water found in lettuce, beef, even chocolate cake

The Food and Drug Administration found PFAS chemicals in produce, dairy, and meat products.

Setting clean-water standards is the EPA’s job. Pa. and other states are doing it instead.

Pennsylvania is one of seven states pursuing its own clean drinking-water standard in the face of PFAS water contamination.

'Nobody should go through what we went through’: Congress discusses water contamination

House members considered legislation aimed at confronting chemical contamination at the first legislative hearing on PFAS in Congress on Wednesday.

Most parents say they drive distracted. Are you one of them?

Some parents said they were more careful with kids in the car, while others said they believed it could be safe to text and drive.

PFAS water-contamination bills will get a hearing in Congress. Read up on what’s proposed.

From establishing a safe drinking-water standard to providing blood testing for veterans, here are some of the PFAS bills proposed in Congress.

‘We have a serious problem’: Congressional task force visits Montco, pushes for action on tainted water

Calling for the EPA to set a safe drinking-water limit for the chemicals that have contaminated dozens of communities nationwide, the lawmakers said Congress would soon hold hearings on PFAS-related legislation.

Pa. testing water to find out if contamination in Bucks, Montco is ‘a problem across the entire state’

The plan announced by state officials last month to sample public water systems for PFAS, chemicals linked to cancer, is on track to begin in late May, but the state won't release a list of testing sites.