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Cory Booker, Joe Biden blast Donald Trump for feeding white supremacy

Cory Booker and Joe Biden accused the president of fueling violence by stoking racism and fear, creating a stark split-screen moment as President Trump met privately with victims and first responders in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

New polls: No bump for Cory Booker after strong debate

The findings contradict the political class’ reactions to the debate, and suggest that Booker has still failed to move the needle in the early stages of the Democratic presidential primary.

Dems take aim at economy, trying to undercut Trump’s biggest strength

Democrats argue that insecurity lurks below the economic headlines, and are hoping to tap into that sentiment in Pennsylvania and other key swing states as they try to tackle one of the president’s greatest strengths.

Lou Barletta, out of Congress but still into immigration policy, wants to build that wall | Clout

Former U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta of Hazleton is raising money to help elect candidates who support President Donald Trump's ambition to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Barletta says he will also support private border wall construction.

How Cory Booker scored a big moment at the Democratic debate, and what comes next

After months of unmet potential, Cory Booker had a big moment on the second Democratic debate, but now needs to turn that into real momentum.

Joe Biden again absorbs attacks in second Democratic debate. This time he was prepared.

At times in the Democratic debate Wednesday it seemed like nine against one as rivals challenged Joe Biden, the clear front-runner, but he was better prepared than in the party's first encounter.

Liberal-moderate divide emerges as Dems debate how to win

Ten Democrats grapple with how to take the White House back: with daring leaps or pragmatic steps?

Cory Booker to hold Philadelphia event Aug. 7

Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) is planning an event at The Fillmore in Fishtown, part of a campaign swing that takes him to major cities in key swing states, including Detroit and Milwaukee.

The Democrats’ debate in Detroit: What to watch

The second round of Democratic presidential debates airs Tuesday and Wednesday from Detroit. Here are the match-ups and moments we'll be watching.

Why Joe Biden and Cory Booker are heading for a July Democratic debate clash

Joe Biden and Cory Booker both have something to gain, and lose, from an escalating fight over who has truly helped the African American community as they head toward a clash at the Democratic debate in Detroit next week.