I cover national politics and policy from Washington D.C., with a focus on Pennsylvania and New Jersey lawmakers and issues.

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Elizabeth Warren was a ‘political conservative.’ Then she went to Rutgers and taught at Penn.

Before Elizabeth Warren became a Democrat, the young mother entered a liberal cauldron at Rutgers Law School, where students strived for big, systemic change. How Rutgers and later Penn Law shaped the presidential contender.

Pat Toomey vowed to be an ‘independent voice.’ Trump’s impeachment could raise the stakes.

As he fought for political survival in 2016, Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey vowed to be an “independent voice.” With the Democratic impeachment of President Donald Trump drawing closer, Toomey’s promises of independence are facing high-stakes scrutiny.

A new 2020 poll has warning signs for Trump in Pennsylvania and other ‘Blue Wall’ states he captured in 2016

President Donald J. Trump is facing a motivated opposition in critical battleground states, including Pennsylvania, though a sizeable share of voters remain up for grabs, according to a new poll.

Biden runs stronger against Trump in Pa. than Warren, Sanders

Elizabeth Warren has surged and Bernie Sanders retains fervent supporters, but a poll of Pennsylvania and other battleground states suggests that Joe Biden has the upper hand over President Donald Trump in the places that could decide the 2020 election.

‘We’re going to have a failed impeachment’: N.J. Democrat on his vote against the Trump inquiry

After U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D., N.J.) became one of two Democrats to oppose the House's first vote on impeachment, here's how he explained his vote and criticism from the left.

Divided House approves Trump impeachment inquiry; Jeff Van Drew of N.J. casts 1 of 2 ‘no’ votes from Democrats

A sharply divided U.S. House is scheduled to cast its first votes related to the impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump, in a step that illustrates how quickly the investigation has moved, and how Democrats have united around the effort.

The first Trump impeachment vote is coming. Here’s where Philadelphia-area lawmakers stand.

Lawmakers from more liberal districts have long supported an aggressive posture toward President Donald J. Trump, but those from more moderate districts have been more reluctant, and some oppose impeachment.

How Cory Booker found a cash lifeline for his flailing presidential campaign

But the campaign is still spending money faster than it can bring it in.

Joe Biden ‘was never going to stay untouchable.’ Now sluggish fund-raising and debates are flashing warning signs

A Democratic debate spent in the background and lagging fundraising has Joe Biden facing perhaps the most difficult period yet of his presidential campaign, a time when he appears stuck in neutral while Elizabeth Warren powers ahead.

The 4th Democratic debate showed Elizabeth Warren is now a front-runner

Sen. Elizabeth Warren drew repeated fire from her competitors in the Democrats’ 4th presidential debate Tuesday night, while Joe Biden faded to the background for long stretches, underscoring how much the primary campaign has shifted.