TL;DR: Gov. Tom Wolf extended Pennsylvania’s stay-at-home order until May 8, while protesters rallied outside the state capitol in Harrisburg calling for life to get back to normal, despite the coronavirus. Here are photos and video of the rally, where many protesters are not wearing masks. Also, my colleague Tom Avril explains why some people get really sick from the coronavirus, and others don’t.

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What you need to know

🛑Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill that would have allowed more Pennsylvania businesses to reopen.

💰Coronavirus is largely spread by people without symptoms. That makes reopening the economy harder in many ways.

🏥 The first coronavirus patient was accepted at Temple University’s Liacouras Center, which the city has turned into a field hospital.

👮Philly jails still aren’t doing enough to stop coronavirus spread, the ACLU says in new lawsuit.

😷 In case you forgot, you must now wear a mask when you go shopping in Pennsylvania.

Local coronavirus cases

📈As of Monday evening, there are more than 22,400 reported cases in the Philadelphia area. Track the spread here.

  • PHILADELPHIA: 9,553 confirmed cases

  • SUBURBAN PA: 8,219 confirmed cases

  • SOUTH JERSEY: 4,688 confirmed cases

Gov. Wolf extends stay-at-home order while protesters gather in Harrisburg for anti-shutdown rally

Gov. Tom Wolf extended Pennsylvania’s stay-at-home order until May 8 and protesters rallied outside the state capitol in Harrisburg. Many protesters were not wearing masks, gathered despite social-distancing guidelines, and demanded that, despite the coronavirus, their lives get back to normal. Public health officials advised against these protests: “If you come to Harrisburg and you’re not practicing social distancing, then you are putting all of yourselves at risk,” warned Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s health secretary. See photos of the protest here, and here is a video.

Why some people get really sick from the coronavirus, and others don’t

We have believed that as a person has greater exposure to the coronavirus, they have higher chances of being infected and getting worse symptoms. But, my colleague Tom Avril explains, new evidence suggests this is only true to a point. For many people with severe symptoms, their immune system has gone haywire. This overwhelms the lungs with inflammation, causing the body’s response to the virus to be worse than the virus itself. There seems to be some combination of other factors at play, explaining why many people suffer mild symptoms or none at all.

Helpful resources

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