Who says he can’t win the big game? Ex-Eagles coach Andy Reid finally got his chance to lift the Lombardi Trophy. His Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in last night’s Super Bowl.

In other news, Iowa prepares to caucus tonight, and voters are getting anxious, according to my colleague who has been in Iowa covering the lead up to the caucuses. Also, an addiction treatment drug is being sold on the streets. And it might be helping to prevent overdoses.

On Philadelphia’s Kensington Avenue, the city’s largest drug marketplace, you can hear dealers yelling, "Subs — subs — subs!” They’re talking about Suboxone, a brand name for the opioid-based addiction treatment medication buprenorphine. As with so many prescription drugs, there’s a robust black market for it.

But the people who are buying buprenorphine aren’t necessarily buying it to get high, drug users, advocates, and researchers say. In many cases, they’re using it to protect themselves from overdoses, get through withdrawal, or to have their own do-it-yourself addiction treatments.

My colleague Paul Domowitch was down in Miami Gardens, Fla., last night, capturing the scene as Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in the Super Bowl. Reid coached the Eagles for 14 seasons. And got the Birds to Super Bowl XXXIX, but the team ultimately fell short.

“I can’t think of any game that we haven’t been involved in where I’ll be rooting harder,’’ Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said ahead of the Super Bowl. “I’ve been wishing for so long that Andy wins his first Super Bowl. I’m just very excited for the possibility."

After last night, that possibility is now a reality.

Tonight, the Iowa caucuses will give the country the first meaningful feedback about the 2020 Democratic candidates for president. In short, this one counts. After months of speculation and debates, voters in Iowa could send a signal that could ripple through the subsequent primaries and the general election. And some voters are a bit nervous.

Every single eventual Democratic nominee has won in Iowa dating to 2000. And, overall, seven of the last 10 Democrats to win in Iowa went on to become the party’s nominee. Check back with Inquirer.com for more coverage later today and tomorrow.

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