This cancer patient from Muncie, Ind., used to own one home -- today she doesn't own any. She's one of well over a million Americans punched in the gut by the mortgage foreclosure crisis:

MUNCIE -- Don't feel sorry for Carol Bouslog.
"I'm not a poster child," Bouslog said. "I'm very lucky."
At 65, Bouslog is losing her home to foreclosure. The foreclosure notice came the day before she lost her job doing medical transcriptions for a Georgia company and about the same time she was diagnosed with bladder cancer.
Despite a series of blows that, to most, would feel like knockout punches, Bouslog -- who is also caring for her terminally ill mother -- has a positive attitude.
"Two people in town, I shared what was going on with them and they offered a home where I could live for free until I get back on my feet," she said. "I feel like I'm so blessed."

What an amazing woman, to feel blessed after everything she's been through. You know who would be really blessed in this life? Someone who owns at least four homes, maybe seven, worth as much as $13 million, so many homes that you can't remember how many -- and also to be blessed with a staff to do all your hard work for you, like figuring out just how many homes you own.

Yes, John McCain, you really should count your own blessings.

But thanks to this screw-up, living in the home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next January may not be one of them.

Obama pounces, for a change.

(Photo by Chris Bergin/Muncie Star-Press)