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Einstein aces national medical jeopardy contest - again

Internal medicine residents at Einstein Medical Center won the national medical jeopardy contest for the third consecutive year and sixth time in the contest's history.

They did it again.

A team of internal medicine residents from the Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia won the national medical jeopardy-style championship last weekend.

It was the third consecutive victory for the hospital and the sixth in the history of the contest. The team also won in 1997, 1998 and 2007. The competition, "Doctor's Dilemma," is sponsored by the American College of Physicians and held over three days.

Einstein beat out 40 teams from across the country, including groups from the Air Force, Navy and Army, and Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia and Canada. The other three teams in the finals were: St. Vincent's Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, and the University of Alabama Medical Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Questions covered general internal medicine, as well as gastroenterology, cardiology and other specialty areas. The winning question was about neurology. The final clue? "Cause of cognitive disturbance and "magnetic gait?"

Einstein was the only team to get the answer right. "What is normal pressure hydrocephalus?"

Members of the team include: Praveen Ramakrishnan Gheetakumari, MD, Jedrzej Wykretowicz, MD, PhD, Apostolos Perelas, MD, Chitra Punjabi, MD, Jean Bustamante Alvarez, MD, and coach Guillermo Garrido Rosa, MD.