In the Statehouse, there seems to be little belief that the gov is going try to be prez in 2012. But beyond our New Jersey borders, in a land where drivers can turn left by simply making a left, Christie is still considered the candidate most likely to emerge as the Republicans' savior and eventual nominee.
After Christie friend and fellow fiscal conservative Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels dropped out of the race this past weekend, national politicos suggested that Christie would have no choice but to step in to fill the void.

New York magazine reported yesterday that Roger Ailes, the controversial and wildly successful of chairman of Fox News, called Christie a few months ago and asked him to run for president. He fell for the gov after hosting a dinner at his home with Christie and Rush Limbaugh (the right-wing talker who also loves Christie).

And President Obama's camp is apparently doing opposition research on Christie, just in case, according to the New York Post. (Note to Obama campaign: If you get anything good, call me!)
This all helps the gov's name recognition and national political sway, and will make him the go-to guy for campaigning for whichever Republican faces Obama. We got a taste of such campaigning last weekend, when Christie dropped a robo-call for an upstate New York congressional candidate, Jane Corwin, according to the Buffalo News.
The Dems' countered his robo-call with one from none other than Bill Clinton.