UPDATE: For my story in Thursday's paper with the background on how the video came to be -- and a look at what it signifies -- click here.
While a new poll out this morning says that New Jerseyans don't believe Christie would be satisfied "playing second fiddle" as Mitt Romney's vice president, Politico has a story out, based on anonymous sources, that portrays Gov. Christie as desperately wanting the job. He is "said by insiders to want it the most and also to annoy some aides with his aggressiveness."
And we have a story today, by my colleague Joelle Farrell, that looks at how low tax revenues could derail Christie's plan for a tax cut. Any tax cut, if approved, would play hugely well on a national stage if Christie were to become the vice presidential candidate, by the way. 
The Christie-as-VP question was a popular topic last night at the New Jersey Press Association's Legislative Correspondents' Club Show, in which reporters "sing" songs making fun of politicians. Since yours truly sang in a number of tunes, fortunately there isn't any video out there of the event (as far as I know), but I can report that my voice forced the governor to call me out in his speech for needing singing lessons. 
Christie also brought down the house last night with the debut of a hilarious self-deprecating video that ends with Christie's supposed desire to be veep. It features the other political star in Jersey, Democratic Newark Mayor Cory "I save women in burning buildings" Booker, and hours later it has already gotten national cable news coverage and more than 15,000 hits on YouTube. Check it out: