The New Jersey gov campaigned with his man for 2012, Mitt Romney, in Iowa on Friday. Here's a recap:
  • The threat: As our Tom Fitzgerald reported, Christie threatened the crowds in Iowa: "I'm in a good mood this morning. I'm feeling happy and upbeat. I love being with Mitt and Ann. But let me tell you, you disappoint me Tuesday, you don't do what you're supposed to do Tuesday for Mitt Romney, I will be back, Jersey-style, people. I will be back." (Video here.)
  • The surrogate: Romney then flew off to New Hampshire, which hosts its primary a week from Tuesday, leaving Christie with the Romney 2012 bus and Romney's wife, Ann. Christie held two more Romney campaign events elsewhere in the state where he packed the house, the Star-Ledger reported.
  • The counter-attack: Surging former Pa. Gov. Rick Santorum hit at Christie on a conservative radio show, saying he liked Christie, but... "He's a fun guy, he's an interesting guy, but he's certainly not a conservative Republican. But that's the kind of folks Mitt Romey is attracting, and why he's bringing him out here is he's trying to get the establishment Republicans."