During his four hours co-hosting a New York sports radio show Friday, Gov. Christie weighed in on the NBA's decision to move its All-Star Game from North Carolina because of the state's transgender bathroom law.

It was one of the lone political topics breached during the governor's on-air stint, which mostly revolved around the New York Mets and, at various points, whether injured outfielder Yoanis Cespedes's golfing contributed to him landing on the disabled list.

Accusing co-host Craig Carton of anti-Mets bias, Christie reprised a now-infamous putdown: "You need to just sit there and shut up."

While most of the morning was sports-focused, there was talk of Christie's political career. A caller into the program told Christie he had seen him at the PGA tournament over the weekend, and wondered whether heckling from spectators had bothered him.

It didn't, Christie said. "I know this is, like, a stunning admission … it doesn't bother me if you make fun that I weigh a few more pounds than I should," he said. " 'Open the bridge' – I haven't heard that one before, right?"

He noted that "there were a lot of people also cheering."

The conversation also veered into cruder territory, as Carton mused about athletes sending pictures of their "junk," and declared that "we've all taken the picture."

The governor of New Jersey quickly offered that he hadn't. "You're looking at pictures of other guys' junk, you have issues," Christie told his co-host.

Christie, who has sat in on the show four times in as many months, said the discussion was "why my people say to me all the time, 'Oh, you're doing this show again? Great.' "

He may do it again next week. After Christie mulled the prospect of filling in next Wednesday – despite a text from his wife noting that "you're supposed to be on vacation" – he heard from a caller who said he "honestly" thought the governor should be president.

"The great thing would have been Boomer & Carton from the Oval Office," Christie said.