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Christie says he isn't disappointed in lack of Trump job: 'I wanted to stay'

After throwing his support to Donald Trump back in February, Gov. Christie says he isn’t disappointed that he hasn’t taken a job with the president-elect.

After throwing his support to Donald Trump back in February, Gov. Christie says he isn't disappointed that he hasn't taken a job with the president-elect.

"No, I wanted to stay," Christie said Tuesday, as he spent four hours cohosting a New York sports radio show. "I've been telling people all along I wanted to finish my term as governor."

He also downplayed interest in serving as Trump's attorney general. "Unless I thought I was going to become president myself, which I thought was an appropriate reason to leave … other than that, there was no reason for me to go," Christie said, in response to a question about not taking over the law enforcement job.

The governor – who endorsed Trump not long after ending his own presidential campaign – had said earlier this year that he would "never say never to anything" when it came to possible job prospects with Trump.

In July, he acknowledged that not being chosen as Trump's running mate would be a disappointment. "You don't like coming in second, ever," he told a television interviewer.

Christie wouldn't comment Tuesday when asked if it was true that Trump had offered him a number of jobs – as NJ Advance Media reported Sunday.

But later, he remarked on one of the posts that the news outlet reported he had been offered.

The ambassador to Italy is "serious," Christie said. He then noted, "They don't pay a lot."

The governor, who has repeatedly sat in on WFAN's Boomer & Carton Show, mostly stuck to sports Tuesday, with occasional conversional asides about his encounters with celebrities. (Among them: talking with fellow Dallas Cowboys fan Jay-Z at Sunday's game between the Cowboys and Giants.)

Embracing his duties as cohost, he closed out the show reading a promotion for "The world's softest pajamas, lighter than a cloud and softer than a bunny."