Gov. Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, earned $913,420 in adjusted gross income in 2015, according to tax returns the governor's office made public Tuesday.

Mary Pat Christie earned $698,708 as a managing director at the Wall Street investment firm Angelo Gordon & Co., according to the returns.

The governor's office said in April 2015 that she had recently resigned from the firm. In late June that year, her husband announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

Gov. Christie reported earned income of $160,754 from the State of New Jersey. The governor’s salary is $175,000, but he invests part of that income in a 401(k).

The Christies paid $260,991 in federal taxes. They reported $38,775 in investment income and 15,183 in taxable refunds or credits. They donated $24,302 to charity, according to the returns.