The prez might be more popular than the gov in Jersey, but New Jerseyans seem to like Christie's number-crunching better than Obama's.
Last week, Rasmussen released a poll saying that Obama would be Christie, 49% to 44%, in a hypothetical presidential match-up. But this week, a new poll shows that 46% of likely New Jersey voters give Christie "good" or "excellent" markets for the way he's handed New Jersey's budget crisis. Just 38% give Obama positive marks for handling his budget problems.
Overall, Christie gets 53% approval ratings, which is far better than he's been polling elsewhere recently -- and it comes with strong favorability numbers from women, despite talk that the gov is having a gender problem.
The Republicans see this as good news. The state party sent out a memo today to its Republican state committee members, which we just got our hands on, that offers this "Bottom Line":
Governor Christie remains popular across party lines and receives strong support from independents. As the Governor moves into the last month of budget negotiations, Trenton Democrats should be wary of their obstructionist tactics and remember the taxpayers and voters of New Jersey are standing with their Governor.