In what described as the "Numbnuts Summit," Democratic Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, who was called "numb nuts" by Gov. Christie last week, met with the governor yesterday for 45 minutes.
I caught up with the openly gay advocate of the same-sex marriage bill outside the governor's office after the meeting. The assemblyman was positively positive about the Republican gov; he was either suitably charmed by the charmer-in-chief or suitably satisfied that their war of words last week was over.
The meeting was "great" and "very cordial." He added: "We both agreed to disagree."
In a sign of how name-calling common between Statehouse pols is often a whole lot of smoke and not much fire, Gusciora said no apologies were exchanged and none were offered. "We just made light of it," Gusciora said. He noted that his college roommate used to call him "numb nuts"; Christie said last week that his own mother used to call him that name
Gusciora staffers, who sat in on the meeting, took pictures as Gusciora spoke with me and a handful of reporters outside the governor's office. After joking about the issue, he said, they talked about issues involving Trenton, which is in his district. 
Of course, they also spoke of the gay marriage issue. The Democratis in the Assembly and Senate will vote next week to send a bill allowing same-sex marriage to the governor, which he will veto. Then the Democrats will try to muster enough Republican votes for an override. If not, Republican Senator Christopher "Kip" Bateman introduced a measure yesterday to put the question on the ballot, but Democrats said they will never allow that to happen.
"You put people like myself up for scrutiny, and I don't think that's right...I don't think civil rights should ever be on the ballot," Gusciora said.