Gov. Christie attended the annual White House Correspondents Dinner last night as a guest of the ABC network (he sat next to "Modern Family" bombshell Sofia Vergara), and he listened as host Jimmy Kimmel directed not one, not two, but three fat jokes at him:
1) After referencing First Lady Michelle Obama's efforts at curbing Americans' obesity, Kimmel said to her: "Look, it's Chris Christie, get him!"
2) "Ya know they say that inside every American governor is a president struggling to get out. In Chris Christie's case it's the only one where you can still hear him screaming."
3) "Gov. Christie, I think you might be misunderstanding New Jersey's slogan. It's not the Olive Garden State."
CSPAN aimed the camera at Christie, who was seen laughing off all of the jokes. He has said in the past that he doesn't mind fat jokes -- as long as they're funny. Even one of his political friends, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, has cracked a fat joke about Christie.
In other news, I wrote two stories about the governor Sunday. In one, I examined how his administration is moving toward privatizing at least 12 elements of state government -- including the state lottery. That story is here.
And in another, I looked ahead to 2013, when a range of Democrats are eying a run against Christie for governor. No other potential contender appears to present more of a contrast to the Republican gov than State Sen. Barbara Buono:

Democrats who believe they should be governor of New Jersey are banking their donors' dollars in the hope that eight years is far too much Chris Christie for the Garden State. 

The Republican governor's approval ratings are still stellar, but voters are also increasingly telling pollsters that he's "arrogant." Will there be a tipping point? Will Christie yell at one constituent too many? Will he belittle one legislator too many? Will he deliver one knockout punch too many at a news conference?

If so (and if Christie doesn't end up in Washington, working in a Romney administration), there's a stable of potential Democratic candidates rumored to be considering a run against him next year. Among those, one stands out not for name recognition or access to deep-pocketed political power brokers, but for contrast. 

Barbara Buono is as much an anti-Christie as you can get.

Read the rest of that story, here.