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New Jersey
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Mitt who? Sandy brings Chris & Barack together

Who could have possibly seen this coming? Gov. Christie has been one of Mitt Romney's most significant supporters, fundraisers and surrogates. He gave the keynote speech at Romney's convention; he has described President Obama as a man lacking the leadership ability to find his way around the Oval Office. And yet now, here they are, Christie and Obama, BFF. Tomorrow, in what will undoubtedly be the news story of the day, Obama and Christie are touring Sandy-ravaged New Jersey together, according to a statement released moments ago from the White House. Yesterday, they spoke three times on the phone, and Christie was given a special number to reach him at the White House. At midnight, the prez called the gov, waking him up. "Which is fine," Christie said. "He gets too." And since the storm began, Christie has repeatedly lavished unsolicited praise on Obama -- at press conferences, on Twitter and on cable TV (FOX News!). The president has been "wonderful." Obama's FEMA -- the same FEMA that embarrassed President George W. Bush during Katrina -- has been "excellent." And so has Obama's..."leadership." Did Sandy wipe away the partisan rancor that has defined the 2012 campaign? Or did Sandy relocate me to Oz?