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A Hunch: McNabb Deal Soon

Tuesday's report about the Eagles and Donovan McNabb looking to rework the final two years of his deal makes a lot of sense. It probably would happen sooner, rather than later.

That first day of full-team OTAs Tuesday was a busy one here at Eagletarian Central, even before Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn reported that the Birds and Donovan McNabb are looking at reworking the final two years of his contract.

There's a story in today's Daily News that outlines why the report is plausible. Cliff's Notes version: McNabb began the offseason as the NFL's 10th highest-paid QB, reworking the final two years is easier than an extension given the uncertain state of collective bargaining and the salary cap, and while the Eagles might not want to commit to McNabb much beyond the next few seasons -- as he approaches age 33 -- they have no reason not to want to make him happy and secure right now. Also, his current deal dates from 2002 and even Eagles president Joe Banner would be hard-pressed to contend that it wasn't signed in another NFL financial universe.

We're not supposed to put hunches and feelings in stories, so this isn't in the paper: Your Eagletarian got a vibe Tuesday night, trying to chase this down, that behind the various shadings of "no comment," a lot was going on. News such as this doesn't tend to leak at inopportune times, when it could jeopardize talks. The parties have been sitting on the fact that they were talking for a while now, without telling anyone. If somebody decided to make this public, it feels to me like the finish line must be in sight. If it turns out I'm wrong, feel free to make fun. But I think this reworking very likely will happen, and happen soon. Don't know if a lot of money will be involved, but McNabb said toward the end of last season that he wanted his contract addressed, and I think he and the Eagles want to be able to say that did happen.

Check back for more updates as the Eagles continue OTAs.