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Andy: Juan to Make Calls 'As I Stand Here Now'

Eagles coach Andy Reid confronted a host of questions at his day-after news conference, in the aftermath of the Eagles' meltdown against the Lions, in which the Birds blew a 10-point lead in the final five minutes of regulation.

Reid spoke of doing a comprehensive evaluation during the bye week. Asked specifically if defensive coordinator Juan Castillo would continue to make the defensive calls in games, Reid said he would "as I'm standing here right now." That seemed less than a ringing endorsement.

Reid spoke of wanting to "tear things apart" during the bye week. He noted that there is "a lot of season ahead" for his 3-3 team. "I still believe we have a good football team," he said.

Though he expressed only lukewarm support for Castillo, the offensive line coach turned defensive coordinator, Reid vigorously disputed corner Nnamdi Asomugha's postgame contention that the Eagles changed their coverage scheme and blitzed more in the fourth quarter, after keeping the Lions in check for three quarters.

Reid did acknowledge that when the Lions flexed tight end Tony Scheffler wide, the Eagles went to dime coverage, with corner Brandon Hughes on Scheffler. That was the setup on the 57-yard broken-play reception that got the Lions back in the game, four snaps after Jeremy Maclin gave the Eagles a 23-13 lead.

Reid also scrutinized the offense's confused, horrendous start.

"We started poor. I mean poor," said Reid, who noted that the Eagles lead the NFL with 17 turnovers following two picks and a fumble against Detroit. He called that figure "ridiculous."

Reid reserved the word "pathetic" for the Eagles' final two drives, the last drive in regulation and the overtime disaster that set up the Lions' winning field goal. The Eagles had scored on their first four possessions of the second half, a touchdown and three field goals, before not scoring on their final possession of regulation, and going backward 21 yards on their only possession of OT.